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The Lore of Anikor

The Lands of Anikor, a small tribe of humans occupied the land. Their leader, by the name of Truak, ruled over the tribe as a peaceful, harmonious man.  His diplomatic skills allowed for compromising instead of the violent bloodshed of war.

A time of prosperity followed this tribe.  Agriculture thrived, and the village flourished.  The economy rose with successful trading, and the people began to expand the civilization, soon growing into a glowing Kingdom they called Kayl.  Truak's Reign lasted for 43 years, and his influence on the kingdom lasted throughout the years followed.

Although the Kingdom was impenetrably perfect, a simple council meeting changed history.  Isio, the son of a wealthy butcher, attended the meeting to discuss several political suggestions, but Isio had no intention of discussing the future of Kayl, but to control it.  

Deranged, Isio came to the meeting, three men accompanying him, all with knives or swords in their hands.  Isio stood tall, his diamond-crested sword glistened in the sharp sunlight of noon, while his gold-plated armor seemed weightless upon his firm composure.

The members of the council were shocked, and Truak stood, his face unchanged, but concerned.  Isio jumped on the long table, cluttered with papers and drawings and statistics, and pointed his sword towards the king.  

"Your time of reign is over, Truak," spat Isio, and his comrades, grunting like animals, nodded in agreement.  

"You do not know what your doing, what you are trying to destroy."

"I know very well.  I am trying to destroy you." Isio tightened his grip upon his sword, and stepped towards the king along the table, preparing to strike.  The King's Guard surrounded Truak, ready to defend the King, but a disembodied voice whispered in Truaks ear.

"Let him.  He will soon find the wrongs of his actions, but let him do them."  

The King's eyes widened slightly, and the name 'Medna' escaped from his lips.  The High Angel has spoken.  Immediately the King signaled his guard to stand down, yet none of them moved.  Eventually convincing them his order was final, they stepped aside, and Isio took his chance and the sword penetrated the Kings chest, but no blood was drawn.  

Truak smiled, and wished Isio mercy of the Immortals, and his pupils grew bright.  Soon blinding, Isio and the guards had to shield their eyes from the light emitted from Truak.  As soon as it came bout, the light dimmed, and the room became dark.  Isio's sword fell, and he looked up to see the king dead on the floor, but he disappeared.  

The Guard was shocked for a moment, then quickly launched at Isio and his companions, who become locked in a fierce battle.  Despite the Guard's bravery, the loss of the King made them lose their sense of objective, and they fell victim to Isio.  

The next years became a nightmare.  The citizens of Kayl were forced into impossible labor and slavery, but could never rebel against Isio's new Reign.  Isio's three comrades soon grew tired of the decades of dictatorship that followed, and they broke apart from each other, struggling for power over each-other, but eventually being pushed back, four separate factions, torn and struggling with war.  

Nejenar, the first of the three comrades, established the faction of Normakia.  Trinkar, the second, established the Kingdom of Min.  Pritak, the third, establish Prakia.  While Isio established The Kingdom of Raeg.  The Four factions, now torn in war, face the challenges and obstacles of the world that King Truak once overcame with bravery.  

Until now, the Lands of Anikor have been peacefully occupied by a Kingdom of courage and fearless, now corrupted by the flaws of human greed and the need for power.  May the High Angel Medna and the Light Immortals guide you well upon your journey through Anikor and lead you to your destiny.


The Lore of the Immortals

Before the mortal humans existed, a race of Immortals shaped and ruled the lands of Anikor.  These Immortals had ultimate power, which was drawn from the Gems of the Four. The first Gem, namely the Angeli,gave power over the lands, and the power of pure energy and light. The second Gem, the Shadian, gave power over death, and the power of fire and warmth.  The third Gem, the Daemin, gave power over darkness, and the power of the deepest caverns, and of the moonlight.  The Fourth Gem, rumored to have powers of the Beyond, was lost long ago, never to be found.  The Immortals began fighting over the Gems, and eventually three came to own those Gems.  

 Medna, a decedent of the First Creator, gained control of the Angeli.  His ultimately good heart related with many other Immortals.  Those began to follow Medna, and ruled the skies of Anikor, as the High Angels.  In the floating city of Rentilar, they live in harmony and peace, while still worrying for the battle of the Immortals they knew was imminent. Medna gained the ability to control the skies and the weather.  They had the ability tocall upon the electricity of the earth, and the gracefulness of flight.  However, when the sun is gone and the power is darkened, the Angels turn to stone and fall to the ground, weak and vulnerable.

Fyrafem is Medna's evil twin, his polar opposite. He wishes doom and despair to all and brings terror to everyone. He is responsible for the night and the evils that lurk therein. He too has some control over the environment and weather, but not as well as his brother does.

Trilok gained control of the Shadian, and had the powers of fire and lightning, and resistance to heat.  His power was growing until he was destroyed by other Immortals who wanted the power to themselves.  Banished to a world of fire and destruction to torment their souls, the Immortals who followed Trilok then lived in the Shad.  Elztharel, a distraught Mortal, one day fell into the Shad to banishment, and grew in power until he defeated and destroyed the remaining soul of Trilok, having the power of the Shadian to himself and his new minions.




The High Angels


The Shadi


The Daemi