Currently for Minecraft v1.3.1 Dev Build
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Rules of ForhavuCraft

Of course, with a good server must come with good rules,and should be followed by the players in order to make a fun, safe server everyone can enjoy.


1. No inappropriate language.  That includes sexual referencing, profanity, or threatening language.  Using in-game role-played swears (not real life swears) is acceptable, but only in RP chat.

2. No OOC (Out of character) chat while role-playing.  This can very easily ruin the effect of the game, which is to create a separate fantasy world where a person role-plays a character in a different world.  References to the real world, the fact you are playing a character,  or anything that hints you are a person controlling a person is unacceptable.  Use OOC chat for support, etc. with other players out-of-character.

3.No sharing anyone personal information AT ALL. Be sensible

4. No griefing.  Unless in server-declared war or a decree by a RP figure of importance with that power (assume that one does not have this power, unless confirmed by an admin), or of an Admins request.

5.  Listen to Admins.  They know best. If they tell you to stop doing something, stop. Even if you think it's not wrong, or if its not against the rules.  Remember an Admin shouldn't ask you for any personal information, so if one does, do not answer, and tell Forhavu, Med, or Dot about whoever asked.

6.No hacking, or abuse of bugs.  Any software that hacks the server ( such as giving you flying or X-ray ) or using any bugs, glitches, or lagging to give you an advantage in-game will be unacceptable. "X-ray" includes any texture packs that use transparency to give you an advantage.

7.  Do not metagame.  That means using information you learn out of character, as if your in-game character knows it.  If your in game character never learned it, it can't know it.  The meaning of life is "All of them"  

8. While in game, please speak with good grammar and spelling.  No 1337 speak at all.   Peepul gedt anoyed wen thay hav too read ths sortof ch@t.

9. Do not powergame.  This means forcing unrealistic RP upon another player, such as doing the emote "*ties up Forhavu". This is unrealistic for reasons: A) You need to get the rope RPly first, and B) I have the ability to defend myself.  Always 'attempt' to do an action that another person has the ability to block/defend against.  Who wins almost always depends on the rolling system that will be installed and explained later.  More examples of powergaming include doing things your character is physically unable to, such as performing magic if you haven't trained, killing people instantly, knocking someone with gold iron out cold with just your fist, etc.  Basically roleplaying anything that is either impossibleor has an uncertain result (fighting for example, either person can win) is considered powergaming. Don't do it.

8. Rules can always be added, but ignorance of rules is not an excuse to disobey them.  Check the sites and forums regularly, we will inform you if any rules change.


Have fun, follow the rules, enjoy the server!